P & E Renovating & Painting

Ownership of residential properties is a responsibility and the maintenance thereof can only be to the benefit of the owner.

It is imperative that the outlook of these assets be maintained for the longevity of the property’s value.

Our services and professionalism have been commended for the following points:-

  1. Only the best and proven products will be utilised
  2. All staff are well trained in the business and fully qualified in this area.
  3. Site supervision supported by project management
  4. Safety standards strictly adhered to with NOSA.
  5. Workmanship and application are guaranteed through manufacture and application to specification.
  6. All work guaranteed for quality of product and professional workmanship.

We have over 300 satisfied customers whose references are freely available.

Here is a representative sample of successfully completed projects. Click below to see the portfolio.

House painting
Detail painting
Clean roof, slasto & paint